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Skincare decisions

Every one of us have several products that are now simply gathering dust, bought because someone on line recommended it or we saw it advertised.

It really is a mine field and an expensive one at that, trying to get that one product that actually does what you want it to do.

So how do you invest in skincare without wasting your money buying loads of stuff that either you don’t like or it doesn’t like you?


Everyone has a skin type and a skin condition.

You may have an oily skin that is dehydrated for instance. So your skin TYPE is oily, but the CONDITION of your skin is dehydrated, separate issues that you can treat and correct once you have the right products.

Everyone is different and there are many different variables that will need to be considered like your age or your professional environment, that will help your beauty therapist  to diagnose and recommend products for you.

But start first by sorting out what you have at home

Line up all your products. Separate them into 2 lines. Likes and dislike. Bin or give away the dislike, forget about them, you don’t like them or they don’t like you, they’re just cluttering up your space. Be ruthless.

Now what’s missing?

Go to your local salon, ask for a consultation, they should be happy to diagnose and offer advice and supply you with samples to try or you could purchase a trial kit before you buy a full size product that, again, just moves into the ” don’t like” space.

Trial kits are actually a great way to get a complete idea of whether the range suits you or not. They’re generally not a massive investment and you usually get several products to sample.

You should know after a couple of uses if you like it or not but the main thing is that you try a selection of products to suit your skin type and condition recommended for you rather than trying this or that.