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Nail Enhancements

Hard Gel or L&P (acrylic)

Why apply gel or acrylic to your nails ?

Both these systems allow you to instantly add length to the natural nail , offering a strong protective coating .

Most of our clients would have had length added to their nails on their first appointment and had those nails rebalanced every 3 weeks, this leads to your own natural nail eventually growing out and you wearing a thin overlay of either product to protect and support them.

Alternatively, if your own nails are a little on the weaker side, you’re

happy with the length and you just need some strength , a hard gel overlay is a great option for you .

Nail biters or those who are ‘heavy handed’ may be better suited to the tougher L&P system.

To maintain and protect you nails follow some basic rules:

Treat your nails as jewels , not tools

Wear them at a length that suits your lifestyle

Do not pick or bite off the product

Use the recommended nail oil and hand cream daily

Wear protective gloves when doing house hold chores

Maintain a regular schedule for your rebalance appointments

We create beautiful, thin enhancements which are easy to rebalance and cause no nail damage. We prefer not to rebalance other people’s work where possible but are happy to help if needs be. Please contact us to arrange. In this situation, prices quoted may vary.

Basic art work is included in the price. Extensive or advanced design will incur an additional cost.


  • New Set……..€70 {single colour, salon length}
  • New Set French Ombre or Sculpted French …€75
  • Rebalance….€38
  • French/ombre rebalance ..€50

  •  Natural Nail Overlay…….. €45
  • Rebalance of other salon work …..P.O.A
  • Removal of other salon work ……..P.O.A
  • Removal of our work………………….€20 (incl mini mani)     


  • Over 16’s only
  • Rebalance price includes up to 3 repairs only. Price is + €5 per extra repair after 3.
  • Picking, biting or pulling off enhancements may damage your natural nail underneath.