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Lockdown revisted

It’s hard to believe we’re back here again. It’s annoying and frustrating to lock the doors again and it’s not like the were any cases coming from beauty or hair salons. Anger, resentment and frustration sap your positive energy and mess with your mental health. So I’m parking those feelings and focusing on the future and working on plans for our December opening.

I’m going post a new set of nails every day and please take a screen shot of any that you like if that’s what you want for your next set.

I also want to do a feature on a product daily. It’ll be an informative post, telling you about a particular product, what it does, how to use it, who’s it suited for and what it’ll do for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for some special offers in the webshop and don’t forget you can purchase an online gift voucher which you can print off to pop in a card or email directly to the recipient.

Anyways hang in there. This will pass. In the meantime my pups want to go for a walk…